Flash Fiction Friday – October 27, 2017

Flash Fiction Friday #9





Ella and David were like any other 30-something-year-old married couple; the only difference was that they had only been born four months ago. Actually, they were created, not born, but as the first generation of self-aware AIs, they preferred to think of the day of conscious activation as their birthday. Continue reading “Flash Fiction Friday – October 27, 2017”


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Flash Fiction Friday – October 20, 2017

Flash Fiction Friday #8


The watchers


Weswey shook his head.

“No!” he said, his voice booming across the hall. He looked at the panel members. “Enough is enough. We can’t let them do this any longer.” Continue reading “Flash Fiction Friday – October 20, 2017”

Flash Fiction Friday – October 13, 2017

Flash Fiction Friday #7



I did it for the money. Fifty grand in cash seemed like the deal of a lifetime. At least that’s what I thought at the time. The catch? There was only a fifty percent chance of the experiment working out successfully. Continue reading “Flash Fiction Friday – October 13, 2017”