Nothing lasts forever. Not even death. – American Demon Hunters

Portals and demonic possessions await Hank, Corey and Sonya as they travel to Albany, New York to fight the evil forces threatening to take over the town. The dead are buried, but they don’t always remain so in the graveyards of upstate New York.

Any fan of Stephen King’s Pet Sematary, Stranger Things or American Horror Story will love American Demon Hunters!

Read the novel that started it all, American Demon Hunters by J. Thorn!

Get all the novellas written in the American Demon Hunters world including: 
American Demon Hunters: Nashville, Tennessee by Zach Bohannon with J. Thorn
American Demon Hunters: Denver, Colorado by Jim Heskett with J. Thorn
American Demon Hunters: Battle Creek, Michigan by Chad Lutzke with J. Thorn
American Demon Hunters: Albany, New York by Bettina Melher with J. Thorn
American Demon Hunters: Washington D.C. by John L. Monk with J. Thorn
*The novel and the novellas can be read in any order.


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“Wow! An excellent story.”

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