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BEYOND is a collection of twelve science fiction short stories that will take you on a journey beyond the world you know.

TAKEN – A couple’s romantic evening turns into their worst nightmare.
FROM ABOVE – When the dark clouds gather in the sky, there is only one thing to do – hide.
CHOSEN – A little boy is gifted with special powers.
OUT OF TIME – What would you do if you knew when you were going to die?
BELOW THE ICE – Something is lurking in the cold waters of Europa.
INTO THE UNKNOWN – A father desperate to find his daughter must venture where no human has ever gone before.
TIME TO GO – A teenager and his discovery of his true purpose in life.
THE SECRET CHAMBER – An ancient secret with the potential to change history.
FULL MOON – There is a reason why we haven’t been back to the moon.
THE ULTIMATUM – Three astronauts are sent on a mission to intercept an alien ship before it reaches Earth, and what they discover will change mankind forever.
DECEPTION – A team of astronauts are on their way to explore an Earth-like planet, and find out that nothing ever is as it seems.
ELITE MEMBER – A woman is desperate to join the most exclusive club in the solar system. How far is she willing to go to become an elite member?


What Amazon readers are saying about BEYOND:

“Reminded me of The Twilight ZoneFull Moon was my favorite. I’ll never look at the Moon the same way again…”

Loved these stories… Well written.”

“Great suspense and unique ideas. I was thoroughly engrossed in this collection.”

“I like this science fiction short story collection. The majority of the stories were quirky, some were suspenseful, and others depicted a future of horrors.”

Great collection. Every story was unique, and every story was interesting. If you’re a science fiction fan, this is well worth your time.”

“My favorite of the bunch is Elite Member, a story that looks into the darkness of boredom and ultimate power.”

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